Vote By Mail Data Download Request

During an active election cycle, our office distributes files containing information about Early Voters and Mail Ballot Voters.  These files are produced in accordance with Florida Election Law and the rules adopted by the Florida Division of Elections.

Early Voting

  • Early Voting information is available to the public once early voting has begun for an election, and continues until the early voting period ends.
  • Please refer to the State's Public File Access Page for instructions on how to access this information.

Mail Ballot Voter Information

  • Mail Ballot voter information is confidential and exempt from public disclosure under Florida Election Law section 101.62, except to the persons or entities (e.g. Canvassing Board, An Election Official, A political party or official thereof, Political Committee, Committee of Continuous Existence, or A candidate who has filed qualification papers and is opposed in an upcoming elections) who may obtain and use this information for political purposes only. 
  • According to the Division of Elections' rules, the Mail Ballot Status files are sent to the Division each day beginning 60 days before a State-wide primary election and continuing until 15 days after the corresponding State-wide general election.
  • STATE CANDIDATES:  If you are authorized, and have received (or wish to receive) a State of Florida Division of Elections login, please use the State's Public File Access page to retrieve your files.
  • SUMTER COUNTY CANDIDATES/COMMITTEES: If you are authorized under section 101.62(3) of Florida's Election Laws:
    • AND you need to request a LOGIN ID
      • Contact the Candidate Qualifying Clerk via email or by phone at 352-569-1540 to complete the required Vote By Mail Data Request Form to access this information, and receive the Vote By Mail Ballot Delivery Schedule
      • Individuals who are authorized under Florida Statute 101.62(3) will be sent a login and password to access and download files from the Candidate File Distribution Service, along with instructions on how to access this information through the Portal.
      • Vote By Mail Data is based on the candidate's or committee's district and party affiliation.  No other criteria will be used to export the data.
      • The exported format is comma-delimited text format.
    • AND you have already obtained your LOGIN ID from Sumter County's Supervisor of Elections office, go to the Portal page to LOGIN

If you have any questions regarding these files, contact the Candidate Qualifying Clerk at 352-569-1540.